Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Simple Summer Beauty

Simple Summer Beauty

There are several things that come to mind when we begin to daydream about the up and coming summer. We imagine the vacations that we have planned , the quality family time, BBQ’s, pool parties and just time to relax. Two of my favorite things about summer are actually smells. The wonderful salty air that I breath insatiably at the Ocean. I never seem to tire of it and in that moment in time I realize what a wonderful gift taking a deep breath is. So healing, so relaxing and revitalizing to the spirit. My second favorite smell of the summer is fresh Lavender. My parents live in Southern California where there is a wonderful Lavender Field. In the summer the lavender is harvested and sold to the local merchants and public. There is an essence in the aroma of Lavender that just calms my soul. I contemplate the bounty of flowers and beautiful plants that God has given the Earth. I enjoy every year purchasing a fresh batch from Matilda’s Mouse and adding it to a vintage bottle or old dough bowl to be savored throughout the year. I have to admit that I so enjoying running my fingers through the crushed lavender as I pass through a room stimulating the wonderful perfume. Oh, I so do look forward to the summer. What are your favorites?


Rue said...

Two of my favorite things about Summer?

Bare feet and my husband tan ;)


AnEnchantedCottage said...

After the long New England winters, summer means our family can finally gather around the patio table to eat supper on the deck each evening. So I'd have to say our evening dinners are my favorite summer thing, with an occasional chipmunk, squirrel, or hummingbird as a dinner guest... Donna