Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Heart Treasures

A little whiteware bowl that holds a multitude of random items adds a smile to my face each time I pass by. No rhyme No reason just a smile and sometimes that is all you need. Where is your smile bowl?

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Picket said...

Is it you!!!!!! Oh my word....When I saw the name on my post I just gasp...I couldn't believe it!!!! You don't know how many times I have thought of you and wondered about you and your family! Oh happy day it is sooooo good to hear from you sweetie...you are the reason for so many happy memories for me from RMS..you have always been such a blessing for me...thank you so much for coming by and letting me know you were here....I will be back! lol lol Blessings to you and yours my sweet friend...have a glorious week! Love ya girl! You have made my day!