Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to participate in White Wednesday this week. My mom has been doing this the past few weeks at Take a look at her fabulous home and shop. Being that my kitchen is now black and white, not to mention my huge collection of whiteware, this is a perfect opportunity to share some pictures with you from around my home. Enjoy. Please share your white treasures with me.


Wizard of Was said...

I think your displays of all your whiteware are absolutely beautiful. I am so happy you have joined White Wednesday....but some of that whiteware needs to come my way LOL

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Heather! It's so nice to meet someone who understands the trials and tribulations of living in the desert! LOL! I would love to hear what your favorite places to shop are. I keep thinking there's bound to be some places I haven't heard about yet!

My Desert Cottage

Karen Valentine said...

Oh I almost forgot!! I love how you set your white ware against the blacks. The look so clean and crisp.

Chrissy said...

Oh Heather,what a pretty post!! Its so good to have you back,just like the good old days!! Have a great weekend,Chrissy

Chrissy said...

Hey you...glad you came by,hope you had a good long weekend,now lets get going on another lovely post missy!!! Talk soon,Chrissy

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi! Beautiful vignettes...thank you for sharing! But, we must admit that our favorite thing was your smile bowl!!! LOVE it!!!

common ground said...

Hi, so nice to meet you! You have some wonderful white, and I love your "smile" bowl. Great idea! Your Mom is the best and so love her and her blog, so I see where you got your flair for the vintage!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Lovely whites!!

tales from an oc cottage said...

How pretty!!

m ^..^

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

I love black and white. Epecially love the little bird and the cherub.

come visit

Faded Charm said...

Great whites. So glad you've joined in on all the white fun and looking forward to much more.

Enjoy your evening.


Mary said...

Hi Heather, all of your whites are so pretty...glad you joined in!

Have a wonderful day!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Lovely whites!!

Kathy said...

Beautiful whites, Heather!

Lolly Jane said...

white is the BEST color to decorate with. too cute! :)

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Chrissy said...

Hey you,stop in soon,K?

stefanie said...

i love the whites against the black, have a wonderful day

Rue said...

Heather... I have missed you! Thank you for coming by with your XOXO.

Your displays are beautiful as always :)

I hope you come back and post again soon sweet friend.

XOXO right back at you :)

Angie said...

I stumbled across your blog thru another one. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!! I originally found it on RMS about a year ago and printed it out. It has been my inspiration photo!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that I found your blog!!

Blondie's Journal said...


You have some beautiful white pieces displayed here. I think a black and white kitchen would be very cool~they are both very popular colors now. And I love whiteware (is that what it is called now?) I did all white on open shelving at my lakehouse. It's on my blog somewhere around July, I think!!

I will come back when I have more time. You have a cute blog! Happy White Wednesday!! :-)


Shan said...

Fabulous White Wednesday photos!

Rita said...

Hello Heather,
found your blog via Kathleen's Faded Charm and I'm so glad I did.
I'm happy your are now back to blogging as I like your blog (I'm already a follower). Love your whites and the way you arranged them for your pics.
Will visit again soon.
Meantime, let me invite you to visit my blog at
With warm wishes

Chrissy said...

Hi Heather,hope you are doing o.k.hope to see you back posting soon!!!

Rue said...

Congratulations to your mom for being on Heather's blog! How are you sweet friend??


Linda said...

You have some beautiful whiteware...thanks soooo much for sharing it with all of us! I'm a new follower:) Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

What great photos! White Wednesday is so much fun to do, don't you think? I posted today too. Stop by and say hello!
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