Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Holly's Dot to Dot

As some of you may recall I am in the process of redoing Holly's room. I am happy to say that her new bed will be arriving over the weekend. Finally, I can get to the fun part. The room has been painted (touches still needed). I decided to work on her chandelier in her room. It's an antique and both my girls have them. It needed some whimsy with her new decor. The following is the process. So simple.

Boring Chandelier

Plain Lamps Shades 6 @ $.80 each

Glue gun, glue sticks, scissors and trim

Simply glue together and TaDa a little whimsy

I am starting to get excited to put it all together. Wish me luck.


French said...

Wow look at you go;) Very nice little project and looks so nice too~~French;)

Rue said...

That is soooooo cute! I am so not showing this to Annie or she'll call the electrician herself! LOL

rue :)

Picket said...

Oh this is so sweet...You remind me so much of myself when my girls were young...I use to love redoing their rooms and making it special for them...thanks so much for adding me to a list...not sure what that is or how to work with that but I will learn...Rue gave me alot tips and I'll ask you one of the same questions..How did you do the 'block' pictures on your main page? Man I need to take a class...I; will be looking like a doofus..I am so ignorant to this stuff..thanks sis for sll your support..Holly's room will be precious!!!!

Susie Harris said...

Looks great ! Hope to see more pictures as it goes on. Thanks for sharing, Susie H

Anonymous said...

Heather, your light is so cute. Lucky girls to have you for a mama. I had a son and I couldn't even get the door open to make the bed..he he he. Hopefully he will one day give me a grand daughter to spoil! Thanks for coming by. I love your blog. xoxoxox Susan :)

Marie said...

1)I LOVE your blog.
2)WHERE did you find chandelier shades for 80 cents each?? I'm dying over here! :o)
3)LOVE what you did to the shades. Very cute!

Shannon said...

This looks so good so far! I thought you were just going to do the ball fringe and then you put the ribbon on there and that MADE IT!! Too Cute!!! Can't wait to see the bedding

Mrs. B said...

I love this! The chandelier was nice before, but it's fabulous now! So perfect for a girls room! I hope you'll share the rest of the room with us soon!

Judy said...

Can't wait to see the rooms. I'll echo what another blogger asked: where in the world did you find those shades for .80 each? Inquiring minds what to know!!!