Friday, April 11, 2008

Night and Day

People always told me before I had children "They will be your teacher", "You will never be the same", "No two kids are alike", "They will change your life"."Yeh, right"I would say. I knew it all. I had baby sat, taken child development courses and had younger siblings. I knew every thing there was to know. I knew the schedules, how I wanted them to behave, what I would teach them...They would be "mini me's" HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

The first one Savannah is easy going, very proper, responsible, smart, pretty and always wants to do the right thing. I think to my self "One down one to go" Perfect all according to plan.

Then came Holly. She is full of life, determined, self driven, nonconformist, visionary, master of self and manipulation. She is artistic,creative, thinks out side the box and never I mean never does she do anything the traditional way. Not even writing her letters. Me being some what of a perfectionist and a lot like Savannah I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to reinvent the wheel everyday. Never taking the easy was as I see it. She is brilliant at finding an even easier way. Stubborn to the core and never gives up on what she believes. Case in point she will not say she is "sorry" because she believes it is a lie and that she meant to do what she did...Brutal Honesty I tell you. She will take the consequence but will not compromise self. I wonder some times where will this lead her? What can I do as a mother? It can be very frustrating but at the same time I do not want to break this incredible spirit. Most of us only dream of having the confidence and strength to live in self truth. There countless books written on the importance of this. And yet when faced with a child with a in born nature so strong to live this way our reaction is to change it.......

Last night Savannah had to make Irish Tea cookies for an international heritage presantation she is doing at school. She researched the recipe, made the dough, rolled it out, placed sweet green sprinkles on all of them and when she was thru she cleaned the kitchen...I know remarkable for a 12 year old. Love it.

Now Holly, she tries to be involved in what her sister is doing. I give her dough to work with. She begins to roll it out, cuts a few shapes and decides that it is terribly boring. She finds inspiration and when I come back into the room this is what she has created.

You have got to love creativity..And I remember to let her be her and embrace the differences between the girls for Night is as beautiful as Day.


Picket said...

Hey did we get our kids at the same "cabbage patch"?!!!! I loved that! lol Mine are the same two alike..Your Savannah is like my sweet Jennifer and your little Holly is like my oldest sone..always walks to the beat of a different drummer! lol I loved those rollers in her hair..get that girl a 'frogie' and some fuzzy slippers!!!! Have a great evening sis!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I hate to tell you but I was soooo Holly. I nearly laughed myself into convulsions over her baking creation! Nope, she will never follow the rules, won't care if she's punished and will never eat "stewed tomatoes". Oh wait .... that was me. Savannah is completely my John (youngest) and Holly is my Mark(oldest). Who at this very moment happens to be fishing in the 40 degree temps at college. You make me laugh Start. Thanks for sharing that darling story.
Your blog is just beautiful. I know I won't ever do one but I so enjoy visiting all of you RMS sisters who do! hugs, Carol

Mrs. B said...

Your girls are beautiful and I think it's awesome how you celebrate their individual personalities! Mine are all so different from one another too. It always makes me wonder how they'll turn out when they're older.

Rue said...

My grandpa used to say that you can raise to kids the same exact way and no matter what you do they will turn out completely different. I think he was on to something ;)
Alex and Annie are this way and it drives me up the wall!

Love the pic of Savannah with the stop sign and Holly with the rollers giving the peace sign :) Very cute!

Oh and I slept with Brownie until I was 17 and again after my divorce, so you're not weird in my book ;)
Now go get Koaly out of the attic!!


becky said...

They say that variety is the spice of life...and I believe it! Aren't you glad that you get to experience that with your girls?

...and by the way, thanks so much for your input on my BIG wall...I love, love, love the idea of red transfer-ware plates!

Susie Harris said...

I have three... three very different children. I love them all very much. At times I would like to put them back:) but then they go and do something so sweet as a hug or a "love ya ma" at you. My heart melts once again. Kids, gotta love em' even when it's not that easy. Susie H.