Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Dots...

Still working on Holly's room. The bed arrived on Friday. Yippee. It feels like this room will never be complete. In between..planning our trip tp Maryland, fundraising, yard sales, closing my shop, out of town visitors and taxes there is no time. One by one I am putting the fires out. I did this fun project yesterday. A mild distraction.

I found these paper mache letters at Joann's this week. They are $7.99. I bought some white paint, foam brush and circle stamper.

First give the letter a coat of white paint and let dry.

Second stamped on the dots using the wall color paint. Dab off the extra paint before applying. Let dry.

Hang on wall. I used a little hot glue..bad me. You could probably use double sided tape but mine fell victim to Holly's art project this past weekend.

What do you think? It was fun and staying with in the demands "Only polka dots". "No art", "Only blue and white"...what a pain but that is Holly the decorating diva.


An Enchanted Cottage said...

Holly - way to go! Outstanding choice of color! It's such a change from the pinks and greens you had before (which I also loved that color combination)... But this is just so beautiful!! That polka dot H is just the perfect finishing touch!... Donna

Mrs. B said...

The H looks great, as does the rest of the room so far. I love the daybed. I'm sure it will be a masterpiece when you are finished! I've never seen those dot stampers before, that looks like a handy thing!

Rue said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love the Letter idea and I think I might make one for Annie's room :) Beautiful bed and bedding too!

Holly would go nuts in Annie's room with all the stuff in there. Probably even claustrophobic LOL


Anita said...

So cute! I love how the 'H' is the reverse colors of the quilt.

Kristine said...

You should try the new Command "velcro" strips for wall hangings. They are extremely strong and would be great for something like this. I use them for tin signs, hanging trays on the wall, etc. They work just like the Command hooks!